Episode 22

February 9, 2009

The group of angry senators close in on Europa. Ex Air Force Colonel Jack Schmeistingsneifer is torn between defending the first woman to awake amorous feelings in him since The War, and allowing some of the highest representatives of the country he loves to accost her. After a moment of hesitation, he decides – with a fist to the face of the nearest senator.
Jack: “I’m punching you sir, but not the office.”
The 68-year-old Senator from South Dakota seems not to recognize the distinction.


Episode 21

February 8, 2009

Meanwhile in Rabat…
Adabi: “Well said Mr. Rentwich. I respect a man who gets straight to the point… but unfortunately for you, you can’t prove anything.”
Rentwich takes a monkey-blood-stained Sony ICD-B500 Digital Dictaphone from his pocket and smiles. Adabi gapes.
Rentwich: “Maybe the Moroccan police would be interested to know you’ve been monkey-spying on your competitors.”
Adabi: “You wouldn’t.”
Rentwich stares him down.

Episode 20

February 7, 2009

Levillia: “Like I said earlier, in the elevator, I thought you were dead.”
????: “I remember. And… I’m not.”
Levillia gasps.

Episode 19

February 6, 2009

Adjusting her clothes, Guinevere looks around the room.
Guinevere: “But I don’t understand Stockon. Why are you here in the hospital, pretending to be in a coma?”
Stockon: “Someone is plotting against me Guinevere. This was the only way I could draw them out of hiding.”
Guinevere: “My God Stockon! You’re using yourself as bait!”
He nods solemnly. She looks at him, her eyes ablaze.
An adult situation ensues.

Episode 18

February 5, 2009

Meanwhile in Rabat…
In the negotiation room, Rentwich and Gordnauld convene at the water cooler. They talk in whispers.
Rentwich: “This is the worst negotiating I’ve ever seen from you Gordnauld! Where’s your head?”
Gordnauld can’t help but glance towards Amineh, Adabi’s beautiful assistant and the woman to whom he’d proposed only days before.
Rentwich: “The girl!? Dammit Gordnauld, I’ve tried to spare you from this but there’s no other way.”
He strides back to the negotiating table and addresses Adabi.
Rentwich: “Her charms may have blinded Gordnauld Adabi, but I see through her and I see through you. Wondering why your monkey-spy didn’t come home last night? It’s cos he ran into me.”
Adabi raises an eyebrow.

Episode 17

February 4, 2009

Brick: “Guards! Have those intruders captured and removed!”

Guards rush from all directions at Europa and Jack. The ex Air Force Colonel charges and tackles them, the violence stirring up his troubling memories from The War.

Europa: “You may silence me today Senator Basingstoke, but you can’t silence all the other hard-working decent Americans who are continually inspired and awed by my courageousness!”

Brick: “I can and I will.” (to the audience)”I propose a bi-partisan intiative – Senators! Attack!”

Europa gasps as the senators rise up and approach.

Episode 16

February 3, 2009

In the den of Easterson de Butugenhausen, the debonair industrialist is looking at a map of the world – no doubt planning the eleborate strategems by which his global corporations toy with men’s lives as if they were so many toy men.
Easterson: “I love manipulating people.”
He says, aloud, to the empty room. His thought is interrupted by his cell phone ringing – the Sony Ericsson W508a which he had especially selected for it’s provision for unrestrained marital infidelity.
Easterson: “Ah. It’s my wife, Guinevere de Butugenhausen…. Hello? Hello? Guinevere? It’s your husband, Easterson de Butugenhausen.”
He pauses, for the first time noticing the sounds coming from the other end of the line; The unmistakable sounds of an adult situation.

Episode 15

February 2, 2009

Meanwhile in Rabat…
The monkey is gone. Rentwich sits in the dark hotel room with a glass of scotch in one hand and a bottle of vodka in the other.
Gordnauld: “Did you get any… information?”
Rentwich: “Secrets and lies Gordnauld. Secrets and lies.”
For a moment there is silence.
Gordnauld: “Well, I think I’ll wash up and then go to bed.”
Rentwich: “You… probably shouldn’t go into the bathroom… and you should wait until after the cleaners have come in the morning before you turn on any lights. Well, goodnight kid, I’ll be down the hall if you need anything.”

Episode 14

February 1, 2009

In the Senate, Senator Brick Basingstoke is making his closing remarks prior to the Orphans for Oil vote.
Brick: “Each generation goes further than the generation preceding it because it stands on the shoulders of that generation. Not my words, but the words of Ronald Reagan. What then, can be said about these so-called orphans? These orphans who have no shoulders to stand on. These orphans who have no ground beneath them but that which was put there by the lies of the liberal media. Are we to continue wasting precious live-giving oil on-”
A door bursts open under the strength of Jack Schmeistingsneifer’s powerful kick!
Europa: “STOP!”

Episode 13

January 31, 2009

Meanwhile in Rabat…
Dean Martin Impersonator: “A girl went baaack to Napoliiii”
Gordnauld: “Because she missed the scenaryyyyyy”
As the duet continues, Gordnauld can’t help but wonder what heinous techniques Rentwich is employing to extract information from the monkey-spy that had secreted himself in their room. No doubt his sister Europa, with her fierce dedication to PETA, would be appalled. She must never know what had happened in Rabat. For a moment Gordnauld feels a connection to Rentwich and to his own father, Stockton Fortuna, who both carry unspeakable memories of The War.
Both: “Hey mambo! Mambo italiano. Go, go, go, you mixed up sicialiano”
Gordnauld: “All you calabrese do the mambo like-a crazy.”