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Episode 25

February 12, 2009

Europa: “Nooooo!”

Europa screams as the crazed senators finally overpower Jack. Senator Basingstoke himself steps up, draws his foot back for a powerful kick, and..

The Janitor: “Stop this. Get out! All of you!”

Europa is shocked to see all of the senators turn in fear towards the old janitor, and then to begin filing out of the main doors. Brick doesn’t even look up at Europa as he passes by. Soon, the room is empty except for her, an unconscious Jack Schmeistingsneifer, and the old janitor.

Europa: “Who are you?”

The Janitor: “You would, most likely, drop dead from the sheer unexpectedness of any explanation of who I am, Europa Fortuna.”

Europa: “Why did you stop them?”

The Janitor: “That would also, most likely, shock you to death. Sufficed to say, you can tell your father that the debt has now been repaid… in full.”


Episode 17

February 4, 2009

Brick: “Guards! Have those intruders captured and removed!”

Guards rush from all directions at Europa and Jack. The ex Air Force Colonel charges and tackles them, the violence stirring up his troubling memories from The War.

Europa: “You may silence me today Senator Basingstoke, but you can’t silence all the other hard-working decent Americans who are continually inspired and awed by my courageousness!”

Brick: “I can and I will.” (to the audience)”I propose a bi-partisan intiative – Senators! Attack!”

Europa gasps as the senators rise up and approach.

Episode 14

February 1, 2009

In the Senate, Senator Brick Basingstoke is making his closing remarks prior to the Orphans for Oil vote.
Brick: “Each generation goes further than the generation preceding it because it stands on the shoulders of that generation. Not my words, but the words of Ronald Reagan. What then, can be said about these so-called orphans? These orphans who have no shoulders to stand on. These orphans who have no ground beneath them but that which was put there by the lies of the liberal media. Are we to continue wasting precious live-giving oil on-”
A door bursts open under the strength of Jack Schmeistingsneifer’s powerful kick!
Europa: “STOP!”

Episode 12

January 30, 2009

The FX2, Fortuna Industries’ experimental new jet plane, rockets across the sky with Jack Schmeistingsneifer at the stick and heiress to billions Europa Fortuna, hell-bent on stopping Senator Basingstoke’s Orphans for Oil bill from passing, in the seat next to him.
Europa: “Oh Colonel Schmeistingsneifer, I must be such a nuissance with my passionate devotion to worthy causes and my heroic determination not to let anything stand in my way – the way of Justice.”
Jack: “Please Ms. Fortuna, call me Jack.”
Their eyes meet, and though it is hard to tell with the jet’s cockpit shaking at an equivalent of 7.0 on the Richter scale, Jack thinks he sees a smile.

Episode 8

January 26, 2009

Europa: “I said take me to Washington! I need to get to the Senate before Basingstoke passes his Orphans for Oil bill!”
Ex Air Force Colonel Jack Schmeistingsneifer, the most talented of the Fortuna’s team of personal pilots, tries to reason with the passionate girl.
Jack: “No can do Ms. Fortuna. It would take hours to get from Daisingdale to D.C.”
Europa: “Even in the FX2?”
Jack: “The FX-!? How did you know about… No Ms. Fortuna. It’s only a prototype. It’s too dangerous.”
Europa: “If you don’t fly me, I’ll fly myself!”
Jack tries to reason, but can’t get past one persistant thought – “Am I falling in love with Europa?”

Episode 4

January 22, 2009

At the hospital…
Levillia: “So Europa, how is college?”
Europa: “I dropped out, Mother! So that I could organize protests against Senator Basingstoke’s Orphans for Oil bill.”
Levillia: “Oh, my husband’s bill will pass don’t you worry your pretty little head about that. Especially now that I suggested he move the vote forward to today.”
Europa: “But you knew I’d be in the hospital with Daddy!”
Levillia smiles. Europa, shocked and hurt, runs for the exit.