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Episode 59

March 18, 2009

María Florentina strides purposefully towards the Maldonado del Culebrón estate’s aviary. Her falconry session, with the regal red ovenbird Nearchus, had to be canceled after the receipt of the disturbing message from her agent – Gabriella.

Opening a wireframe door she deposits Nearchus in the aviary, and retires to the house. The other birds gawk at the returning favorite, with expressions Nearchus mistakes for the envy of lesser creatures. In reality, though they may not know the predatory exhilaration of the great sport of falconry, these simple birds are all too aware of the activities of Nearchus’ mate when he is absent from the aviary… An absence that today has been cut short.

Hopping suddenly onto his usual perch, Nearchus’ playful expression drops into one of utter shock, witness as he is to his mate and an audacious Italian gruccione engaged in a feather-ruffling adult situation that would make a peacock blush!


Episode 53

March 12, 2009

María Florentina: «She said what

Nearchus – the circling red ovenbird – on hearing María Florentina’s raised tone, returns to perch on her outstretched arm – his talons padding gently with the hard-learned knowledge that she is not a woman to be crossed, nor indeed to be prodded with pointy toes.

The messenger trembles as the bloodthirsty bird of prey eyes him up.

Messenger: «That.. that.. Gordnauld Fortuna is still alive..»

María Florentina: «How!? The plane went down – we know that much.»

Messenger: «Yes but.. they apparently made it to an islet in the Mid-Atlantic, and then they were rescued by future versions of themselves who had travelled back in time after capturing the yacht.»

María Florentina: «An islet in the Mid-Atlantic? Weren’t there any vampires?»

Messenger: «Uh…… I.. I don’t know..»

Nearchus licks it’s bird lips with it’s hungry bird tongue, in anticpation of the coming meal. The moment stretches…

María Florentina: «…No matter. The plan will go ahead. It seems that Gordnauld Fortuna wont be killed as easily as his brother was…»

Episode 52

March 11, 2009

Yes, falconry. That noble pursuit in which, or so it is said in The Boke of St. Alban, it is most-befitting a lady to fly a very particular bird. The petite falco columbarius, also known as the pigeon hawk or merlin, is said – in that oft-cited tome – to best complement la fauconiere.

Perhaps that is why the present woman has ventured so far out of Caracas to fly her spectacular red ovenbird. As the resplendent creature spreads it’s wings and loops into the air, the arresting woman – María Florentina Alejandra Maldonado del Culebrón – seems totally at peace in her surroundings.

Little does she know, a messenger is approaching who will greatly disturb her afternoon.