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Episode 42

March 1, 2009

In a side-street next to the hospital Stockton Fortuna collects his thoughts. The purpose of his coma ruse had been to lure out an enemy Stockton had long suspected to be plotting against him. There had been subtle hints of attacks against his business interests – A tangled strategem that would have bamboozled Sun Tzu. He had traced the fragments of evidence for several years, sharing his suspicions with the only man he truly trusts – Rentwich.

Rentwich’s suggestion had been for Stockton to feign an illness, wait for the hidden enemy to reveal itself, and then to pounce! The plan was simple, surgical and savage. An idea born from a dark place. Not for the first time, Stockton had wondered if Rentwich had spent too much time around vampires during The War.

But something had gone wrong. Stockon had made himself a target – open to the simplest of attacks – and yet Levillia was the one to fall victim to the enemy. Slowly, as Stockon considers the possibilities, the pieces start to fall together…


Episode 28

February 15, 2009

The Janitor: “No more questions Europa. You’re wasting precious time.”

Europa: “What do you– um… I would be interested to know what you are talking about.”

The Janitor: “Oh, didn’t I mention it before? You’re mother has been kidnapped.”

Europa gasps, then turns to see Jack stirring on the ground. When she looks back towards the old janitor, he is gone.

Europa: “Oh Jack, did you hear? Mother has been kidnapped!”

Jack: “Kidnapped?… Mother?… Jack?…”

Europa: “Oh Jack! Please don’t tell me the beating you received has resulted in amnesia! That would be too much to bear after all these shocking revelations! I don’t think my delicate, alluringly feminine, constitution could take it.”

Jack gazes wide-eyed at her for the longest time.

Jack: “Don’t you worry about ol’ Jack. Jack is fine. You can count on Jacky… Jack. Sound of mind and body, that’s what they always say about Jack. And how could I ever forget….. you?”

Europa: “Oh thank God! Come quickly, I need you to fly the jet back to Daisingdale.”

Jack: “The jet? Well, that’ll be no problem for a… pilot like me. Jack the Pilot, that’s what they call me.”

Episode 20

February 7, 2009

Levillia: “Like I said earlier, in the elevator, I thought you were dead.”
????: “I remember. And… I’m not.”
Levillia gasps.

Episode 9

January 27, 2009

Levillia enters the hospital elevator. Just as the door is almost closed a hand reaches in and stops it. The doors reopen to reveal…
Levillia: “It can’t be! You’re….”
????: “Dead?”
The masked figure steps inside the elevator and the doors slide shut behind him. Or her.

Episode 6

January 24, 2009

Levillia Montsaintclaire Fortuna Basingstoke steps into the quiet private room where her ex-husband Stockton Fortuna lies comatose.
Levillia: “Look at you Stock, you damned fool! You and those damnable Golden Platypus Club cronies and your idiotic games. Sooner or later you had to end up like this… And here I am like a silly schoolgirl, running to see you when fall.”
She takes a step closer.
Levillia: “If I weren’t still madly in love with you Stockon Fortuna, I’d smother you right now!”
She kisses Stockon passionately, then pulls away, slaps him across the face, and storms out of the room.
Alone once again, Stockon opens a single eye and allows himself an almost imperceptible grin

Episode 4

January 22, 2009

At the hospital…
Levillia: “So Europa, how is college?”
Europa: “I dropped out, Mother! So that I could organize protests against Senator Basingstoke’s Orphans for Oil bill.”
Levillia: “Oh, my husband’s bill will pass don’t you worry your pretty little head about that. Especially now that I suggested he move the vote forward to today.”
Europa: “But you knew I’d be in the hospital with Daddy!”
Levillia smiles. Europa, shocked and hurt, runs for the exit.

Episode 2

January 20, 2009

As Stockon battles for his life, his daughter Europa paces nervously outside his room. A woman approaches.
Levillia: “Hello Europa.”
Europa: “Mother!”
Indeed, it is none other than Levillia Montsaintclaire Fortuna Basingstoke, Stockon’s ex-wife and Europa’s estranged mother!