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Episode 23

February 10, 2009

Meanwhile in Rabat…

The negotiations complete, with Adabi meeting all of Fortuna Industries’ demands, Gordnauld stands alone watching the sunset.

Rentwich: “Still thinking about her, huh?”

Gordnauld: “I can hardly believe it was all just an act Rentwich. That Amineh was manipulating me so that Adabi could gain an advantage in the negotiations. What does it mean if… if a man can’t trust his own feelings.”

Rentwich: “It means that he’s – just a man.”

Rentwich smiles encouragingly, while privately considering the possibility that Gordnauld is a total wuss.

Meanwhile, elsewhere in Rabat…

Adabi: “..monkey to do a baboon’s job!…. Ugh…. And what’s all this about the American ‘falling for your charms’? Did you see him outside of the negotiations? Amineh!?”

Amineh: “…What? Oh, I agree sir. A baboon would have been much better.”


Episode 21

February 8, 2009

Meanwhile in Rabat…
Adabi: “Well said Mr. Rentwich. I respect a man who gets straight to the point… but unfortunately for you, you can’t prove anything.”
Rentwich takes a monkey-blood-stained Sony ICD-B500 Digital Dictaphone from his pocket and smiles. Adabi gapes.
Rentwich: “Maybe the Moroccan police would be interested to know you’ve been monkey-spying on your competitors.”
Adabi: “You wouldn’t.”
Rentwich stares him down.

Episode 18

February 5, 2009

Meanwhile in Rabat…
In the negotiation room, Rentwich and Gordnauld convene at the water cooler. They talk in whispers.
Rentwich: “This is the worst negotiating I’ve ever seen from you Gordnauld! Where’s your head?”
Gordnauld can’t help but glance towards Amineh, Adabi’s beautiful assistant and the woman to whom he’d proposed only days before.
Rentwich: “The girl!? Dammit Gordnauld, I’ve tried to spare you from this but there’s no other way.”
He strides back to the negotiating table and addresses Adabi.
Rentwich: “Her charms may have blinded Gordnauld Adabi, but I see through her and I see through you. Wondering why your monkey-spy didn’t come home last night? It’s cos he ran into me.”
Adabi raises an eyebrow.

Episode 15

February 2, 2009

Meanwhile in Rabat…
The monkey is gone. Rentwich sits in the dark hotel room with a glass of scotch in one hand and a bottle of vodka in the other.
Gordnauld: “Did you get any… information?”
Rentwich: “Secrets and lies Gordnauld. Secrets and lies.”
For a moment there is silence.
Gordnauld: “Well, I think I’ll wash up and then go to bed.”
Rentwich: “You… probably shouldn’t go into the bathroom… and you should wait until after the cleaners have come in the morning before you turn on any lights. Well, goodnight kid, I’ll be down the hall if you need anything.”

Episode 13

January 31, 2009

Meanwhile in Rabat…
Dean Martin Impersonator: “A girl went baaack to Napoliiii”
Gordnauld: “Because she missed the scenaryyyyyy”
As the duet continues, Gordnauld can’t help but wonder what heinous techniques Rentwich is employing to extract information from the monkey-spy that had secreted himself in their room. No doubt his sister Europa, with her fierce dedication to PETA, would be appalled. She must never know what had happened in Rabat. For a moment Gordnauld feels a connection to Rentwich and to his own father, Stockton Fortuna, who both carry unspeakable memories of The War.
Both: “Hey mambo! Mambo italiano. Go, go, go, you mixed up sicialiano”
Gordnauld: “All you calabrese do the mambo like-a crazy.”

Episode 10

January 28, 2009

Meanwhile in Rabat…
The monkey-spy struggles against the make-shift cords tying him to the chair. Rentwich takes Gordnauld aside.
Rentwich: “You’re a good man Gordnauld. Too good to be witness to what comes next.”
Gordnauld: “You don’t mean-?”
Rentwich: “A lot of things happened during The War, Gordnauld. War-like things. Things that change a man. Change a man into something different. Sometimes a thing has to be done. And sometimes a man must do a thing that has to be done.”
Gordnauld: “But the monkey can’t tell us anything.”
Rentwich: “Can’t he? Go Rentwich. And don’t come back before 9. There’s a Dean Martin impersonator playing the hotel bar.”

Episode 7

January 25, 2009

Meanwhile, in Rabat…
Rentwich pours himself a scotch.
Rentwich: “You can’t trust the girl Gordnauld. She could be part of a ruse.”
The monkey-spy hiding behind the curtains leans forward to pick up Gordnauld’s whispered response on his Sony ICD-B500 Digital Dictaphone.
Rentwich: “You asked her to marry you!?”
Rentwich shouts and hurls his glass across the room. It shatters not far from the monkey-spy, who whimpers and slaps his free paw to his mouth.
Rentwich and Gordnauld both turn towards the noise.

Episode 5

January 23, 2009

Meanwhile, in Rabat…
Gordnauld storms into the lavish hotel room, with Rentwich close behind.
Rentwich: “Don’t deny it Gordnauld! It was so obvious today in the negotiations: there’s a love connection between you and Adabi’s assistant!”
Gordnauld paces up to the curtains, and stops just short of opening them.
Gordnauld: “You’re right Rentwich. I fell for Amineh the moment I saw her. That’s the real reason I wanted to leave Morocco. I didn’t want to compromise the negotiations.”
Rentwich looks solemn. Unbeknownst to either of the two men, a monkey-spy sweats nervously on the other side of the curtains, clutching a Sony ICD-B500 Digital Dictaphone in his paw.

Episode 3

January 21, 2009

Meanwhile, in Rabat (the incense-scented capital of Morocco)…
Gordnauld: “Dammit Rentwich! You’re my father’s closest and most trusted advisor. Can’t you complete the negotiations with the Moroccans while I return to Daisingdale to see my comatosed father?”
Rentwich: “It’s true Gordnauld, that your father and I have known each other since The War, but the Moroccans respect family above all else and only you can represent your father here. Besides, I think something else is troubling you…”
Gordnauld averts his gaze, tellingly.