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Episode 12

January 30, 2009

The FX2, Fortuna Industries’ experimental new jet plane, rockets across the sky with Jack Schmeistingsneifer at the stick and heiress to billions Europa Fortuna, hell-bent on stopping Senator Basingstoke’s Orphans for Oil bill from passing, in the seat next to him.
Europa: “Oh Colonel Schmeistingsneifer, I must be such a nuissance with my passionate devotion to worthy causes and my heroic determination not to let anything stand in my way – the way of Justice.”
Jack: “Please Ms. Fortuna, call me Jack.”
Their eyes meet, and though it is hard to tell with the jet’s cockpit shaking at an equivalent of 7.0 on the Richter scale, Jack thinks he sees a smile.


Episode 8

January 26, 2009

Europa: “I said take me to Washington! I need to get to the Senate before Basingstoke passes his Orphans for Oil bill!”
Ex Air Force Colonel Jack Schmeistingsneifer, the most talented of the Fortuna’s team of personal pilots, tries to reason with the passionate girl.
Jack: “No can do Ms. Fortuna. It would take hours to get from Daisingdale to D.C.”
Europa: “Even in the FX2?”
Jack: “The FX-!? How did you know about… No Ms. Fortuna. It’s only a prototype. It’s too dangerous.”
Europa: “If you don’t fly me, I’ll fly myself!”
Jack tries to reason, but can’t get past one persistant thought – “Am I falling in love with Europa?”

Episode 4

January 22, 2009

At the hospital…
Levillia: “So Europa, how is college?”
Europa: “I dropped out, Mother! So that I could organize protests against Senator Basingstoke’s Orphans for Oil bill.”
Levillia: “Oh, my husband’s bill will pass don’t you worry your pretty little head about that. Especially now that I suggested he move the vote forward to today.”
Europa: “But you knew I’d be in the hospital with Daddy!”
Levillia smiles. Europa, shocked and hurt, runs for the exit.

Episode 2

January 20, 2009

As Stockon battles for his life, his daughter Europa paces nervously outside his room. A woman approaches.
Levillia: “Hello Europa.”
Europa: “Mother!”
Indeed, it is none other than Levillia Montsaintclaire Fortuna Basingstoke, Stockon’s ex-wife and Europa’s estranged mother!