Episode 58

Gordnauld looks on in horror as the phone booth becomes a frothy white-water prison. It is by no means air-tight, but the sheer volume of water entering means that within seconds it is overflowing.

Rentwich: “Who do you work for!?”

Gordnauld: “Are you mad! She can’t hear you!!”

Rentwich stops the flow. Several seconds later the booth has discharged it’s water, leaving Gabriella soaked, battered and upside-down – her head resting on the floor of the booth.

Rentwich: “Who do you work for?”

Gabriella spits at Rentwich. Impressively, her spittle traverses the height of the phone booth and Rentwich combined, hitting him squarely in the face. He grimaces, and then prepares to start the flow again.

She turns, helpless, towards Gordnauld. Their eyes meet. The spot where Gabriella had struck Gordnauld with the frying pain tingles slightly as if to say, go to her.

He makes a decision…


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