Episode 55

Gordnauld comes to on the yacht to discover that Gabriella is gone. Somehow she’d gotten the jump on him…

He dashes onto the dock and is confronted with an almost unbelievable sight:

On the nearby road, a fire engine is parked, it’s siren blaring at full blast. Next to it, a quartet of firefighters are strewn about, unconscious, as if they had just been assaulted by a roving gang.

Next to the road is a phone booth – inside it: the mysterious Gabriella. She is banging her hands against the the plastic windows, but a rope is wrapped tightly  around the booth, keeping her trapped inside.

Perhaps the least surprising aspect of the whole scene – Rentwich is standing on top of the phone booth, trying to kick in the roof. In his arms he holds the nozzle of a huge fire hoze, which he is now forcing into the top of the booth.

Rentwich: “Who do you work for!?”

Gordnauld: “Stop this madness Rentwich!”

Rentwich: “We tried things your way Gordnauld, and look where it got us – one prisoner turned into dolphin chum, and the other getting a message out to her handlers. It’s time to do things the Rentwich way!”

Before Gordnauld can reply, Rentwich pulls a lever on the hose, and sends a torrent of water into the tiny phone booth.


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