Episode 50 – Season One Finale

Now in possession of a bullet, Rentwich A and Rentwich B make short work of the nautical battle as the Gordnaulds look on in awe. Presently, they all stand on the deck of the captured yacht – a yacht which, to Gordnauld A’s eyes, looks almost identical to their own – with their prisoners: the pilot and an unrecognized woman.

Rentwich B: “This is where we have to part ways.”

He  spreads out a chart on a table, and begins scribbling notes.

Rentwich B: “We’ll take the prisoners on our ship, and head back to land. Rentwich, you and Gordnauld will take this ship and sail to these coordinates.”

Gordnauld A: “There’s nothing there. It’s the middle of the ocean!”

Gordnauld B: “There’s a temporal anomaly. If you hurry you’ll make it back to the islet just before you found the vampire’s burrow.”

Gordnauld A looks at Rentwich A, shocked and in hope of rational support.

Rentwich B (winking): “I understand you’re concern Gordnauld, but no one said you have to be casual about time travel…”

Rentwich A: “…just as long as you’re causal!

The Rentwichs laugh heartily at a joke Rentwich B had told weeks ago and had been waiting eagerly to setup.

Meanwhile in Daisingdale…

Senator Brick Basingstoke stands atop of hill overlooking the small city of Daisingdale – the home of the Fortunas, and the site of a recent outbreak of the double amnesia virus. Next to him, General Crisis Fluxfax oversees his troops as they get into position.

Brick: “Well General?”

Crisis: “The quarantine’s in place Senator. No one gets in or out of Daisingdale… Dead or alive.”

(And so ends Season One of Fortuna Favors the Bold… Come back tomorrow for the exciting Season Two premiere!)


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