Episode 49

Gordnauld A: “The… pilot?”

Rentwich A, shocked at hearing the other talk after two weeks of silence, takes a moment before responding.

Rentwich A: “Yes. After he sabotaged our jet and bailed out, he must have met an accomplice with a boat. But they didn’t count on the other Rentwich and Gordnauld knowing exactly where to find them…”

Before Gordnauld A’s mind can fully shift into gear, the pilot opens fire – Rentwich A pulls Gordnauld A to the ground just as shots start blasting into the doorway in which he had been standing. Rentwich A attracts the attention of his double.

Rentwich A: “If he has a gun, why don’t we have a gun?”

Rentwich B, lying on the deck for cover, draws a pistol out from the small of his back.

Rentwich B: “The gun’s no problem, but he’s using all the bullets!”

On the other ship, the pilot frantically reloads the six-shooter. In his panic, he drops one bullet – it falls to the deck and rolls out of sight. Meanwhile, on his pursuer’s ship, Gordnauld A – flat on the deck – notices something reflective next to some rigging on the port side.

Gordnauld B: “Quick Gordnauld! Pick it up!”

How could he possibility see it from over there? Dismissing the thought, Gordnauld A shimmies closer, stretches his arm, and grabs hold of the small metal object. It is a bullet. He looks curiously at it, at Gordnauld B and then at Rentwich B – on the opposite side of the boat… with an unloaded revolver.

(Whatever you do, don’t miss tomorrow’s Fortuna Favors the Bold – the spectacular fiftieth episode and mind-boggling conclusion to Season One of the internet’s most popular minute-a-day soap opera!)


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