Episode 48

Two weeks after his traumatic experience in the vampire’s lair, Gordnauld A lies wide awake on a bunk below deck. Since leaving the island in the dopplegangers’ yacht he has not said a word. He eats alone, sleeps fitfully at random hours, and does all that he can to avoid the dark of night.

The other Gordnauld, and the Rentwichs, respect his solitude, interracting with him only when it is necessary – but this morning, dear readers – it is of the upmost necessity.

A Rentwich comes crashing down the stairs and plants himself in front of Gordnauld A. He is dimly aware that there are two Rentwichs on board, as well as an apparent copy of himself, but Gordnauld A has not yet heard the explanation for this. He has no great desire to learn it.

Rentwich A: “We need you Gordnauld! We caught him again – and this time we have the weather gage!”

A blurry moment passes and Gordnauld A find himself on deck, where Gordnauld B and Rentwich B are hunkered down.

Rentwich A: “Look Gordnauld! There he is!”

Gordnauld A follows the pointed finger toward another similar-sized yacht, only a few lengths away. On the opposite deck a man – a familiar man – stands, holding a pistol.


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