Episode 46


Alarm bells sound throughout Daisingdale airport – there has been a crash. Emergency services arrive at the downed airplane within minutes, dragging two injured people from the wreckage. It is the picture of efficiency; each task tended to by expert individuals; each action contributing to a complex grand plan, as though the airport workers are semi-independent drones, controlled by some alien intelligence with a pulsating psychic brain and huge ooze-coated tentacles probing outwards with greedy intent.

On this occasion, the metaphorical Brainthing has only benevolent intentions – to rescue the two survivors, and to make safe the runways as quickly as possible. And yet, who knows what twisted ingredients such a peculiar creature might thirst for, as it slowly drowns in it’s own excreted juices? Certainly, it would not wish for the unthinkable fate which is about to ensue…

In the final moment before the crash, Europa Fortuna reached out to squeeze the hand of the confused pilot, Jack Schmeistingsneifer. At the moment his skin touched hers, the insidious double amnesia virus had already begun its work. In the overwhelming fear of the moment, perhaps Europa did not notice her cherished memories fading into the mists. Now, as she and Jack are passed from one paramedic to the next, the virus works it’s network ever outward, planting the seeds of deadly forgetfulness in every node.

The only question which remains is: can the airport’s efficient organizational structure, in which the administrators take such pride, and which – in so many ways – is like a grotesque vomit-inducing tentacle Brainthing, deal with the as yet unknown threat?