Episode 45

Meanwhile in the Mid-Atlantic…

Night has fallen, and Rentwich waits alone for someone or something to emerge from the vampire’s burrow. There is no noise save the splashing of waves against the islet’s rocky shore. But just below that… could it be… footsteps?

Rentwich B: “Don’t worry, he’ll be ok.”

(Production note: For the purposes of clarity, the original Rentwich and Gordnauld shall be referred to by their names, followed by the letter A. The mysterious Rentwich and Gordnauld doppelgangers, who have just arrived on the islet by yacht, will have a B appended to their names.)

Rentwich A is shocked to come face-to-face with a man identical to him in every way.

Rentwich B: “Or… as ok as any man can be, after being… down there.”

Rentwich A: “Who are you!?”

Rentwich B: “I am Rentwich.” (Production note: He is Rentwich B.)

Rentwich A: “That’s impossible. The only man to carry the name Rentwich is me – I’ve Googled my name and the only results were the poorly-spelled rantings of disgruntled tenants.”

Rentwich B: “But that wasn’t always true… your father was also called Rentwich… until-”

Rentwich A gasps!

Rentwich A: “I’ve never told anyone that story!… How could you have known?”

Before Rentwich B can answer, there is a stirring in the vampire’s burrow, and a dark figure surfaces.


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