Episode 40


Secret amnesiac Jack Schmeistingsneifer squirms nervously at the controls of the FX2 – Fortuna Industries’ experimental new jet. In the copilot seat the attractive young woman, whose name he has yet to relearn, seems transfixed by him. Finally, she speaks:

Europa: “I want you to know Jack, that if there’s anything you want to tell me…. you can. I’ve often thought that I’m an excellent listener. Only last week my brother Gordnauld was telling me something and I couldn’t help but wonder what a relief it must be to him, to have me being so attentive and comforting to him.”

Jack: “That sounds just like Gordnauld. He is your brother, after all.”

Europa: “Oh Jack, you know us all so well! And yet…”

She lowers her voice to a sultry whisper, mingling it delicately with the 110dB rattle of the FX2’s cockpit.

Europa: “…there’s still so much for you to discover.”

Jack: “You have no idea.”

Jack turns to Europa. Their eyes meet, like two ships in the night, each with a haggard old sailor in their crow’s nests, staring through nautical telescopes, into each other’s eyes.

The electricity of the moment (and, possibly, of the faulty circuitry in the cockpit controls) are too much for Jack’s already dysfunctional brain. He is completely overwhelmed and, although to Europa it appears that he has merely shuddered, he has just succumbed to double amnesia!