Episode 36


The FX2 rockets across the sky, it’s advanced auto-flight system making it almost completely unnecessary to have a pilot in the cockpit – a fortunate happenstance given that this particular pilot, Jack Schmeistingsneifer, is secretly an amnesiac and has no recollection of what any of the plane’s controls do.

In the passenger area, Europa Fortuna is troubled by the revelations of the mysterious Janitor – the man who seems to hold sway even over the U.S. Senate. Dropping into a comfortable seat, she notices a Sony ICD-B500 Digital Dictaphone on a low table. She picks it up and, checking to see that Jack is not approaching, presses play…

Jack: “Pilot’s log, supplemental… I’m on my way to Washington D.C. with Europa Fortuna. The FX2 is handling well, though the port-side gimbles seem to be retroactively sheering. Also, could I be falling in love with Europa?”

Europa gasps. A crackle of static later and the voice resumes.

Jack: “Pilot’s log, still supplemental. I can’t get Europa out of my mind. Everything seems to remind me of her… even this retroactive sheering of the port-side gimbles… which may be a retardation effect resulting from a deposit of tri-sealing coagulant disturbing the operation of the FX2’s bio-neural circuitry. On another note, I’m beginning to wonder if combining the pilot’s log with my audio diary was a bad idea.”