Episode 35


Meanwhile in the Mid-Atlantic…

Rentwich: “We’re not safe Gordnauld. There is something very dangerous here.”

Gordnauld (incredulously): “You don’t mean Flandly Overture?”

Rentwich: “What?”

Gordnauld: “Flandly. I met him last night. I went looking for him this morning but I’ve been all over the islet and there’s no trace of him.”

Rentwich: “You spoke to it? That doesn’t make sense…

Gordnauld: “It was strange alright… he showed up just when I dragged you out of the sea, and then disappeared again. Right before dawn.”

Rentwich: “Dawn! Of course. It had to avoid the sunlight, so it didn’t have time to feed. It doesn’t look like there’s any shade around…. it must be buried somewhere….. Think Gordnauld – did you see any patches of soil?”

Rentwich grabs hold of Gordnauld by the shoulders and shakes him vigorously.

Gordnauld, breaking free: “What in God’s name are you talking about Rentwich?”

Rentwich: “Nothing in God’s name Gordnauld… Nothing at all.”