Episode 32

Secret amnesiac Jack Schmeistingsneifer cautiously operates the control panel of the FX2, preparing the experimental jet for takeoff. Beside him, the lovely young woman – whose name he has yet to learn – talks at length about her mother… or their mother – if they are brother and sister, that is… but they aren’t… but Jack doesn’t know that.

Europa: “Mother has always resented my lionhearted trail-blazing ways, and now it has fallen to me – of all people – to rescue her from a mysterious kidnapper.”

Jack nods, while trying to make the three blinking red lights before him revert to the, now preferable, two blinking red lights.

Europa: “Sometimes I wonder if everyone goes through these kinds of things…. Tell me about the Schmeistingsneifers, Jack.”

Jack: “The Shmystingsniferz?”

Europa: “Yes.”

Jack: “Um… well, it’s hard to describe.”

Europa: “It?”

Jack: “…They?”

A static crackle and then:

Radio: “…you are cleared for takeoff.”

Jack turns to Europa.

Jack: “I… have to be honest with you.”

Europa: “Please Jack, no… I’ve been so silly. Here I am trying to get you to tell me about the Schmeistingsneifers, just to lift my mind a little, when you’d much rather be concentrating on doing what you do best – flying this highly complex potential death-trap. I think I’ll go in the back and get a drink…”


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