Behind the Scenes: Gnarlhawk-ja vu?


Earlier this week, Fortuna Favors the Bold readers were in for a treat when they met Daisingdale’s newest resident – Dr. Gnarlhawk Sinclair. A maverick iconoclast, debonair man-about-town and dedicated physician, Gnarlhawk has been an instant hit with fans, but long-time blogudrama enthusiasts may have realized that there’s more to the good doctor, than meets the eye. We sent Katy Zopf to find out more.

Katy Zopf: I’m here with associate producer Clyde Hastings. Thanks for talking to Behind the Scenes Clyde.

Clyde Hastings: Thank you Katy. You can go ahead and italicize that ‘you’.

KZ: I’m already hitting ctrl+i, ha ha ha-

CH: I’ll stop you there Katy. Like most intelligent creative people Katy I use a Mac. That’s probably a PC reference?

KZ: Um, yes. Sorry, I think for you it’s the button with the apple on-

CH: The command key.

KZ: Yeah. So command key and i.

CH: Oh I see, but the remark’s not terribly witty is it?

KZ: Not really. But I can cut this out-

CH: No no, it doesn’t reflect poorly on me. You can ask the first question now dear.

KZ: Well…. the question on everyone’s lips is, what is so familiar about Dr. Gnarlhawk Sinclair?

CH: Familiar? There’s a number of ways I could answer that question. In the archetypal sense, Gnarlhawk is known to even those who have never encountered him directly.

KZ: Could you please talk about the other Web site he was on?

CH: Rather a leading question. Very well. Gnarlhawk is new to the Fortuna mythos, but the character himself has been around for quite awhile.

KZ: You’re speaking of course about the short-lived Web site Gnarlhawk Sinclair P.I. M.D.

CH: You shouldn’t include ‘of course’ in those sort of declaratives dear. It’s patronizing to the listener. And short-lived is a relative term.

KZ: Well, again I can leave it out of the-

CH: No, please. You’ll learn this way. Yes, Gnarlhawk Sinclair P.I. M.D. was one of the first Web projects I worked on. It was another time, we had a certain naive enthusiasm about the possibilities of Web drama – this was before the term blogudrama even existed, you understand – every second word was hyperlinked to some convoluted subplot point. I remember, quite fondly, a remark from an ex-classmate of mine from Brown – where I graduated magna cum laude – he said that reading an average episode of Gnarlhawk was like trying to decipher Goethe’s original notes for the Urfaust. Ha ha ha!

KZ: ….So, the main character was a private detective and a doctor?

CH: I think that’s quite obvious from the title dear.

KZ: And what happened to the… Short. Lived. Site? Would you imagine that it’s total failure was the fault of anyone in particular? 

CH: Indeed not. I’m sure the experience of ‘not getting it’ isn’t something completely alien to you dear. Any commenter worth his salt would conclude that the internet-viewing public, at that time, had not matured to the extent that a work like Gnarlhawk would find it’s readership.

KZ: No one read it?

CH: Many people read it.

KZ: But they didn’t… like it?

CH: They didn’t appreciate it… What say we move on to something more interesting?

KZ: I’m sure that’s what many of them were thinking at the time.

So there you have it – Dr. Gnarlhawk Sinclair, an exciting new character for FFtB readers, and a veteran of the world of blogudramas – the doctor will see you now 😉

Check back soon for more exclusive insights from FFtB’s Behind the Scenes.

Everyone here at BtS wishes Katy well in her job search.