Episode 23


Meanwhile in Rabat…

The negotiations complete, with Adabi meeting all of Fortuna Industries’ demands, Gordnauld stands alone watching the sunset.

Rentwich: “Still thinking about her, huh?”

Gordnauld: “I can hardly believe it was all just an act Rentwich. That Amineh was manipulating me so that Adabi could gain an advantage in the negotiations. What does it mean if… if a man can’t trust his own feelings.”

Rentwich: “It means that he’s – just a man.”

Rentwich smiles encouragingly, while privately considering the possibility that Gordnauld is a total wuss.

Meanwhile, elsewhere in Rabat…

Adabi: “..monkey to do a baboon’s job!…. Ugh…. And what’s all this about the American ‘falling for your charms’? Did you see him outside of the negotiations? Amineh!?”

Amineh: “…What? Oh, I agree sir. A baboon would have been much better.”