Episode 18

Meanwhile in Rabat…
In the negotiation room, Rentwich and Gordnauld convene at the water cooler. They talk in whispers.
Rentwich: “This is the worst negotiating I’ve ever seen from you Gordnauld! Where’s your head?”
Gordnauld can’t help but glance towards Amineh, Adabi’s beautiful assistant and the woman to whom he’d proposed only days before.
Rentwich: “The girl!? Dammit Gordnauld, I’ve tried to spare you from this but there’s no other way.”
He strides back to the negotiating table and addresses Adabi.
Rentwich: “Her charms may have blinded Gordnauld Adabi, but I see through her and I see through you. Wondering why your monkey-spy didn’t come home last night? It’s cos he ran into me.”
Adabi raises an eyebrow.


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