Episode 16

In the den of Easterson de Butugenhausen, the debonair industrialist is looking at a map of the world – no doubt planning the eleborate strategems by which his global corporations toy with men’s lives as if they were so many toy men.
Easterson: “I love manipulating people.”
He says, aloud, to the empty room. His thought is interrupted by his cell phone ringing – the Sony Ericsson W508a which he had especially selected for it’s provision for unrestrained marital infidelity.
Easterson: “Ah. It’s my wife, Guinevere de Butugenhausen…. Hello? Hello? Guinevere? It’s your husband, Easterson de Butugenhausen.”
He pauses, for the first time noticing the sounds coming from the other end of the line; The unmistakable sounds of an adult situation.


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