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Episode 4

January 22, 2009

At the hospital…
Levillia: “So Europa, how is college?”
Europa: “I dropped out, Mother! So that I could organize protests against Senator Basingstoke’s Orphans for Oil bill.”
Levillia: “Oh, my husband’s bill will pass don’t you worry your pretty little head about that. Especially now that I suggested he move the vote forward to today.”
Europa: “But you knew I’d be in the hospital with Daddy!”
Levillia smiles. Europa, shocked and hurt, runs for the exit.


Episode 3

January 21, 2009

Meanwhile, in Rabat (the incense-scented capital of Morocco)…
Gordnauld: “Dammit Rentwich! You’re my father’s closest and most trusted advisor. Can’t you complete the negotiations with the Moroccans while I return to Daisingdale to see my comatosed father?”
Rentwich: “It’s true Gordnauld, that your father and I have known each other since The War, but the Moroccans respect family above all else and only you can represent your father here. Besides, I think something else is troubling you…”
Gordnauld averts his gaze, tellingly.

Episode 2

January 20, 2009

As Stockon battles for his life, his daughter Europa paces nervously outside his room. A woman approaches.
Levillia: “Hello Europa.”
Europa: “Mother!”
Indeed, it is none other than Levillia Montsaintclaire Fortuna Basingstoke, Stockon’s ex-wife and Europa’s estranged mother!

Episode 1

January 19, 2009

The famed billionaire industrialist Stockton “The Bold” Fortuna lies comatose in a hospital bed, following a tragic polo accident. Water or regular? Only Stockton’s compatriots in the exclusive Golden Platypus Club know the true nature of their Wednesday afternoon activities.

Coming Soon

January 14, 2009