Episode 6

Levillia Montsaintclaire Fortuna Basingstoke steps into the quiet private room where her ex-husband Stockton Fortuna lies comatose.
Levillia: “Look at you Stock, you damned fool! You and those damnable Golden Platypus Club cronies and your idiotic games. Sooner or later you had to end up like this… And here I am like a silly schoolgirl, running to see you when fall.”
She takes a step closer.
Levillia: “If I weren’t still madly in love with you Stockon Fortuna, I’d smother you right now!”
She kisses Stockon passionately, then pulls away, slaps him across the face, and storms out of the room.
Alone once again, Stockon opens a single eye and allows himself an almost imperceptible grin


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