Episode 5

Meanwhile, in Rabat…
Gordnauld storms into the lavish hotel room, with Rentwich close behind.
Rentwich: “Don’t deny it Gordnauld! It was so obvious today in the negotiations: there’s a love connection between you and Adabi’s assistant!”
Gordnauld paces up to the curtains, and stops just short of opening them.
Gordnauld: “You’re right Rentwich. I fell for Amineh the moment I saw her. That’s the real reason I wanted to leave Morocco. I didn’t want to compromise the negotiations.”
Rentwich looks solemn. Unbeknownst to either of the two men, a monkey-spy sweats nervously on the other side of the curtains, clutching a Sony ICD-B500 Digital Dictaphone in his paw.


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